Creative Wedding Flowers

Flowers are a critical component of any wedding, they add beauty to the event but are also a symbol of fertility. I found this beautifully unique wedding flower arrangement on Pinterest yesterday and wanted to share it with of all my wonderful readers.

Created by Bend Oregon wedding florist A Native Bloom, this artistic flower creation is wonderfully different from traditional wedding flower arrangements.

Madison Hartley, owner of A Native Bloom captures the wild essence of natural growing flowers and harnesses it into a beautiful wedding bouquets.

Visit her website to see more of her beautiful work

Creative Wedding Flowers

My Experience with Finding a Wedding Photographer in New Jersey

This report comes from one of our readers, Susan, who wanted to share how she found a great wedding photographer in her home state:

When my parents planned my marriage in New Jersey, they immediately looked for an amazing new jersey wedding photographer. This is because I had seen the condition of my friend who was frustrated due to a bad photographer in his marriage occasion. I was so excited but also so nervous, looking for an excellent photographer for my marriage. First, I checked with my friends if they knew a good photographer in our state. One friend told me on facebook that she knew an excellent essex county photography studio. I found all the details about this studio and was very excited about them but frustrated that they weren’t in my county. What I hadn’t realized is that Rick Helman, the photography studio that was so highly recommended actually covers all parts of new jersey. I am so happy I found him, and as a favor to him and with gratitude for the amazing photos he took, I wanted to tell this community about his work.

Rick did a great job at my marriage as he had done the task without any error. He took truly beautiful photos. So if you’re living in New York or New Jersey, don’t fret too much about finding a wedding photographer. Rick Helman Photography and Video will take care of you. I wish you less stress and more joy in your wedding planning experience.

3 Fantastic Examples of Why You Need a Photo Booth For Your Wedding

Photo booths have been around for a long time now and are very popular for wedding receptions. But after seeing the images produced by the newly introduced InstaStyle Photo Booth Rental company – I’m sold.

InstaStyle Photo Booth Rentals Columbus Ohio was created by professional wedding photographers Ben & Les Hartley out of necessity. After shooting dozens of high end weddings they were always amazed at the low quality of the local photo booth rentals.  They thought they could do better, and I think they have!  InstaStyle Photo Booths offer all of the standard features that you would expect with renting a photo booth including high quality prints for your guests, HD video recording, fun props, and an attendant that comes  and sets everything up and makes sure it works perfectly for the entire night.

Each one of their photo booths features a professional quality DSLR camera to capture images in ultra high resolution and studio lighting to make your guests look gorgeous. The results below speak for themselves!

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