Carson Sanders

Co-Founder, Aint-Bad Magazine

Carson Sanders is a photographer, visual anthropologist, and curator living and working in Savannah Georgia. His fascination with cultures and places that are foreign influence his work. In 2011, Carson co-founded Aint–Bad, an independent publisher of new photographic art. Through Aint–Bad, Carson has worked with artists from all over the world to publish artist books, curate exhibitions, give lectures, and review portfolios from emerging and established photographers. As a curator of contemporary photography, Carson is always looking for new trends and ideas within the medium. A traditionalist at heart, Carson attempts to blend a traditional style of photography with a contemporary aesthetic during the curation of both the online and print platforms that Aint–Bad offers. Sanders is most interested in reviewing documentary and lifestyle photography. He prefers natural light and compositions as opposed to studio/commercial work and prefers color work over black and white. Landscape work is also of interest to him.



Reviewing Thursday, September 21 and Saturday, September 23 – Sunday, September 24