Jennifer Ward

Associate Curator, FotoFest

Jennifer Ward has coordinated FotoFest’s year-round exhibition programs and FotoFest’s Biennial Exhibitions since 2003. She has curated, or co-curated, a number of exhibition for FotoFest including SENSOR (2015); CRÓNICAS, Mexican Artists Confront the Drug War (2013); B-Sides, A Dialogue with Contemporary U.S. Photography (2010) and POKE, Artists and Social Media (2009).


She is FotoFest’s principal liaison for the 120+ Participating Spaces in the FotoFest Biennials, and oversees the production of FotoFest publications, including FotoFest Books, the FotoFest Biennial Catalogue and Biennial Map and Calendar. Ward also coordinates the class taught by the FotoFest staff for the University of Houston. Ms. Ward is interested in reviewing all work, specifically work engaged with social and political issues.


Reviewing Thursday, September 21 – Friday, September 22 and Sunday, September 24